A FFX/FFT inspired battle system for RPG Maker XP

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Release Notes
v. 1.0 Initial Release
v. 1.1 Customizable Turn Icons v. 1.2 Beastiary Expansion Added

This script overhauls the default battle system and replaces it with a "CTB" system similar to Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy X. Battlers now use their speed to charge up a hidden turn gauge, and when it's full, they get a turn immediately. This causes turns to alternate in a semi-predictable order, making for a more strategic battle system.


How to Use
Download the zip file. Import the EnemyIcons pictures into your project into the "pictures" folder. Open the text file containing the script and copy/paste it into the script editor below all of the default scripts but above Main.

Q. Can this do __________?
A. Maybe! Leave on post on the forum, and I might just add the feature if it can't already do it.

Credits and Thanks

This script is licensed under the MIT license, so you can use it for both commercial and non-commercial games!
Check the included license file for the full text.
Further, if you do decide to use this script in a commercial product, I'd ask that you
let me know via a forum post or a PM. Thanks.